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In this free Instagram Growth Guide I share my proven growth strategies which feel good and do good - so you can build a thriving community, make more sales and bring your big, beautiful vision for the world to life!

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What you'll learn inside:

  • Who your dream customer is and how to connect with them
  • How to write compelling captions that convert
  • How to use your values to turn followers into customers
  • How the algorithm works and how to work with it to grow your account
  • Practical tips to grow your Instagram and make more income and impact!

Hi, I’m Sian!

I wrote this guide for you - the ethical business owner with a clear vision for a better world.

I see changemakers struggle with their social media every day. You know that if you could get your message out there, people would take action. But you're not sure how to do it.

As an ethical marketing strategist, I knew how to grow my online presence and make meaningful connections on social media, which is why my community grew to over 55,000 members in just 2 years, and why I was named the UK’s Green & Eco Influencer of the Year 2018.

Now I'm sharing those growth strategies with you, so you can grow your community, make more income and see that amazing impact come to life!


There are 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram and 80% of them are following at least business account, which means your ideal customers are on Instagram, and with the right strategy you can connect with them, unite them around your cause and turn them into paying customers and raving fans.

Let me show you how!


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