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You want to wake up every day to a thriving business that fills you with joy and fulfils your purpose...

You know you've got a big, beautiful impact to make and you deserve to connect with customers who celebrate and support you. You're ready for the creative and financial freedom of running a business that you love.

Instagram can give you that.

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Instagram helped me find creative and financial freedom growing a business that I love. As a self-taught marketing strategist and award winning influencer, I've helped hundreds of other business owners grow their brand, and I can help you...

Get clarity

Set your goals, feel confident about your growth and understand your unique brilliance. Identify your ideal customer and make Instagram work for you.

Grow your audience

Connect with your ideal customers to create, nurture and grow a loyal tribe of followers who know, like and trust you and can't wait to buy from you. 

Build your business

Build a strategy so you know where your next sale is coming from. Turn your Instagram into a successful marketing platform without feeling salesy.

"Sian is great! She is warm, welcoming, concise and really knows what she is talking about. There were 3 times during the course where I learnt one bit of information and thought 'even if I had just learnt that, it's been worth the money.' Sian is generous with information and her time."

Kaite Milichich @TakeTheTote

Instagram Training

You don't need a Kardashian-sized audience to start making money through Instagram. With the right marketing strategy you can build authentic connections, increase engagement and feel confident that you know where your next sale is coming from. Whatever niche you're in, your indie business can find success on Instagram.

I'm here to show you how...

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"If it wasn't for the Instagram Academy giving me the tools to navigate through the journey of building my Instagram it would not be where it is today. My brand DNA has evolved through Instagram, I have pushed through my own fear to do self insta-stories, ethical known celebrities are following me and raising awareness of my brand, and I'm gaining a wonderful ethical tribe. The Instagram Academy has done this. It has given me confidence, clarity and focus. Love you Sian for your zero bulls**t, honest, supportive ethical marketing ways!"

Kate Auguste

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